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Problem/solution commercials work, IF they’re structured properly. They won’t work if the problem doesn’t seem real. The order in which we build our spot is important.

Remember, you’re speaking to an over-communicated audience skeptical of all offers, ads and entreaties. To reach them we must build trust.

A story about a believable problem will establish credibility, which leads to trust. Think carefully about a believable problem your audience has that the client can solve, then describe it.

Next, describe your client’s solution. Build a solid emotional story to generate trust possibly with examples or case studies. This will help establish value, and value has staying power.

If your commercial includes price, now is the time to introduce it - after you’ve established trust and value. You see, we are averse to risk, and price is a form of risk. Price is cold, logical, without emotion. Build trust and value first and the prospect’s perception of risk is reduced.

If you begin your spot with price, it won’t register with the listener.

No matter what the price of your client’s product or service – high or low, always establish the value first, even if the price your client offers is the best bargain on Planet Earth. Value is an emotional issue and radio commercials are powerful emotional motivators.

Once your commercial story has connected with the audience and has established trust and believability, then the price can be introduced if necessary.

Steps to making a problem/solution commercial work better:

• Believable problem

• Emotional story which…

• Builds value & trust throughout

• Reduce risk

• Introduce price

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