RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the July 2005 RAP CD featuring a sampler of work from this month's interview subject, Ken Scott on track 2. Ken includes three demos spotlighting his imaging, commercial, and narration work, and concludes with some of his TourDesign work. Commercials fill out tracks 4 through 10. Jason Skaggs passes on his thanks to Jamie Watson for the inspiration for track 4 from Jamie's RAP Award winning "No Chicks in Jail" spot. We're hearing more and more 30 second commercials, and track 5 from CJ Goodearl features a couple of well done "Less is More" :30s for Ker's Wing House. Track 6 is another creative :30 that had the client very happy with the results. Promos are on tracks 11 through 24. Dave Cruickshank cranks out an amusing parody on track 25, and we wrap it up with another dose of Mr. Goodearl's warped sense of humor on track 26. CJ notes: "This one is about a 'regular Joe' who seeks advice from crabs living in his pants (Comedy Central, you listenin'? I smell an animated series!) Very Disney-esque intro jingle probably comes from my kids watching DVDs all afternoon."

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