RAP-Awards-Trophy thumb transparentMost winning entries require the combined talents of several people, from copywriters, to producers, to voice talents, to musicians and composers. Additional trophies, plaques, and/or certificates are available to these additional talents as well, because without their input, the entry might not have won. Duplicate awards may be purchased as described below, with the "presented to" name changed to reflect the appropriate individual.

Duplicate trophies, plaques, and/or certificates may be purchased at the following prices (US Funds plus shipping):

RAP Gold Members All Others
Trophies - $250.00 Trophies - $425.00
Plaques - $100.00 Plaques - $170.00
Certificates - $25.00 Certificates - $40.00


You may place your order at any time, and you can even order copies of awards you’ve won in the past! All major credit cards and PayPal accepted. Order your duplicate today! Email awards@rapmag.com.