The 3rd Radio And Production Awards (1993)

Congratulations Winners!

The ballots are in, and the votes have been counted! Please join us in congratulating this year's winners of the 3rd Annual Radio And Production Awards!


WINNER: "Top 20 Countdown" from Daryl Missen/2DAY-FM, Crows Nest, N.S.W., Australia. Producer - Daryl Missen; Copy Writers - (various); Voice Talents - Jeff Ellis, Ray McGregor, & Cameron Smith
1st Runner-up: "The Cap" from Vito Viscomi/CHFI-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Producer - John Howard & Greg MacDonald; Copy Writer - Vito Viscomi; Voice Talent - (not listed)
2nd Runner-up: "Compulingus" from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH. Producer - Joel Moss; Copy Writers - Joel Moss, Eric Chase, & Paul Stone; Voice Talents - Joel Moss, Commodore Computer "Say" Program, & Joni Korn


WINNER: "Peace On The Streets/Little Boy" from David Jay/WIOQ-FM, Philadelphia, PA. Producer - David Jay; Copy Writer - David Jay; Voice Talents - Ben Hill, Jefferson Ward, & Justin Ward
1st Runner-up: "Ruby Red Lips" from George Robinson/WZGC-FM, Atlanta, GA. Producer - George W. Robinson; Copy Writer - George W. Robinson; Voice Talents - Shannon Allen & George W. Robinson
2nd Runner-up: "Peace On The Streets/Future" from David Jay/WIOQ-FM, Philadelphia, PA. Producer - David Jay; Copy Writers - David Jay & Jefferson Ward; Voice Talent - Jefferson Ward


WINNER: "Ford Probe" from Larry Whitt/KRBE-FM, Houston, TX. Producer - Larry Whitt; Copy Writers - Larry Whitt, Scott Sparks, & Tom Poleman; Voice Talent - Scott Sparks
1st Runner-up: "Mama's Jingle Singers/Mama's Mexican Kitchen" from Russ Cimber/KMTT-AM/FM, Seattle, WA. Producer - Russ Cimber; Copy Writer - Russ Cimber; Voice Talents - Russ Cimber, Cindy Bowers, Kelly Alford, & Stephan Dimitroff
2nd Runner-up: "Big Fun/Indoor Amusement Park" from John Toney/KXKL-FM, Denver, CO. Producer - John Toney; Copy Writer - Steve Cassidy; Voice Talents - Steve Cassidy, Brittany Toney, Jericha Toney, & John Toney


WINNER: "Eric Clapton Birthday Weekend" from Willie Wells/WKLH-FM, Milwaukee, WI. Producer - Willie Wells; Copy Writers - Bob Bellini, Brad Wallace, Willie Wells, & Dave Luzak; Voice Talents - Jim Cutler & Dick Ervasti
1st Runner-up: "Pro-Radio/2.3 Million $" from Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, VA. Producer - Brian Lee; Copy Writer - Holly Buchanan; Voice Talents - Brian Lee, Jimmy Steele, & Kat Simons
2nd Runner-up: "Ozzy Coming Home" from Robert Smith/WHCN-FM, Hartford, CT. Producer - Robert Smith; Copy Writer - Robert Smith; Voice Talents - Robert Smith & Todd Cramer


WINNER: "Record Alley/Conditioning" from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH. Producer -Joel Moss; Copy Writer - Joel Moss; Voice Talents - Joel Moss & Eric Chase
1st Runner-up: "F.R.A.G./Bob's Business" from Rob Frazier/KBOS-FM, Fresno, CA. Producer - Rob Frazier; Copy Writer - Rob Frazier; Voice Talents - Rob Frazier, Rik McNeil, & Julie Antagnoli
2nd Runner-up: "Jingles/Tent City" from Kurt W. Schenk/WHAM-AM, Rochester, NY. Producer - Kurt W. Schenk; Copy Writer - Kurt W. Schenk; Voice Talents - Kurt W. Schenk & Georgann John


WINNER: "Act Goofy/Disneyworld Weekend" from Bob Lawson/WIOG-FM, Saginaw, MI. Producer - Bob Lawson; Copy Writers - Bob Lawson & Rick Belcher; Voice Talent - Sean Caldwell
1st Runner-up: "More Before 6 A.M." from Craig Rogers/WHO-AM, Des Moines, IA. Producer - Craig Rogers; Copy Writer - Dave Campbell; Voice Talent - Craig Rogers
2nd Runner-up: "The Boss' Car - Winner" from Ross McIntyre/CKKQ-FM, Victoria, BC, Canada. Producer - Ross McIntyre; Copy Writers - Ross McIntyre & Rick Andrews; Voice Talents - Ross McIntyre & Ed Bain


WINNER: "Farley's Family Fun/Halloween Monster-Bash" from Stephen R. Smith/KRNQ-FM, Des Moines, IA. Producer - Stephen R. Smith; Copy Writer - Stephen R. Smith; Voice Talent - Stephen R. Smith
1st Runner-up: "Bill's Take & Bake Pizza" from Bob Thomas/KEWB-FM, Redding, CA. Producer -Bob Thomas; Copy Writer - Bob Thomas; Voice Talents - Bob Thomas & Roberta Robertson
2nd Runner-up: "KFC - Cooking With Julia" from Sean Lowman/KZJH-FM, Jackson, WY. Producer - Sean Lowman; Copy Writer - Sean Lowman; Voice Talent - Sean Lowman


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