28th R.A.P. Awards - Official Rules

One change in the eligibility rules this year: we have lifted the restriction on production houses and advertising agencies with annual revenues over $500,000. Over the years, many of radio's top imagers have left their stations and started working for various imaging services, mostly on a freelance basis. Entering on behalf of these services with revenues over the 500k limit was not permitted, but we feel these individuals should be eligible. Therefore, entries on behalf of imaging services are now permitted, and it is up to the entrant to decide if he/she wishes to enter on behalf of their own freelance company or on behalf of the imaging service. Also, entries directly from such imaging services are also eligible, however, the rule that the entry must have aired will still apply. This means a demo or "preview" version of a promo with sample VO will not be eligible. Only production items that have actually aired are eligible. If you have any questions or concerns, send them to me at awards@rapmag.com, and good luck!

Jerry Vigil


Promos, commercials, imaging and entertainment features which were produced for broadcast and aired after December 31, 2016 and before January 1, 2018 are eligible. Entries must be produced for radio, including terrestrial, satellite, college and internet radio. Radio stations and networks are eligible to enter. Production houses and advertising agencies are also eligible. You do not have to be a Radio And Production subscriber/member to be eligible. By checking the “Release” box at the end of the entry form, you proclaim the entry to be original work -- see details below under RELEASE. Radio And Production will have the final say on any matter of eligibility not outlined herein.


Awards will be given for the following categories: Best Promo, Best Commercial, Best Feature Production, and Best Imaging.

Best Promo:  Promos should not exceed 90 seconds in length. 

Best Commercial: Commercials should not exceed 2 minutes in length. 

Best Feature Production: Entries for Feature Productions may include produced bits, spoofs, and parodies for on-air use, special programs produced for airplay, and other special productions such as tributes and station launches. Feature entries should not exceed five minutes in length. Longer entries must be edited to meet the five minute limit. 

Best Imaging: Entries for Best Imaging should not exceed 90 seconds in length. Entries may include sweepers, IDs, starters, drops, top of hours, splitters, show opens, power/custom/branded intros, and jingles. Entry can be a single item or a montage. Items in a montage can be thematic or varied in their core theme but should all be for the same station. Furthermore, items in a montage should each be the entire element (excluding any long trailing talk beds, as with a show open) so that the items are presented as they aired. In other words, we're not looking for imaging "demos" but back to back elements in their entirety. 

Campaigns: There is no category for commercial and promo campaigns consisting of more than one commercial or promo. 

Miscellaneous: Promos that encourage advertisers to “buy radio” should be entered in the Promo category, even if they don’t mention a particular radio station. Recruitment spots, such as spots recruiting salespeople or office personnel for the radio station, should be entered in the Commercial category.


The Promo and Commercial categories are broken down into three market sizes or ranks: Large Markets, Medium Markets, and Small Markets. For US entries, Large Markets = markets 1-25. Medium Markets = markets 26-100. Small Markets = markets 101+, based on current Arbitron Metro Survey Area rankings. Entries from all other countries should select the Market Rank based on total population of the market served. Large Markets = population 2,000,000+. Medium Markets = 500,000-2,000,000. Small Markets = Less than 500,000. Choose a market rank based on where the entry aired, or in what market the entry was produced, WHICHEVER IS THE LARGER OF THE TWO.  For example, if a commercial was produced in a medium market, but aired in a small market, it must be entered in the Medium Market categories. Likewise, if an entry was produced in a medium market but aired in a large market, it must be entered in the Large Market categories. In the rare case of multiple producers in different markets, the producer in the largest market shall apply. The Market Rank does not apply to the Feature Production category.


All entries and entry fees must be received no later than Midnight (CST) January 16, 2018.


All applicable information must be included on the entry form. Please fill out the form on your computer, then save it before emailing. Or print the form once filled out if you are going to fax it. If you are unsure about your market ranking, please email awards@rapmag.com with your questions. Attach entry forms to your entry’s email, or fax entry forms to 972-432-8102.

Entry Form Download (Right-click to download. Depending on your browser, you will probably need to download this form and fill it out in Adobe Reader or some other PDF reader. Trying to fill it out in a browser may or may not let you save the form with the data you just put in.) 


Entry audio must be emailed to awards@rapmag.com. Entry forms may be emailed with the audio, or faxed to 972-432-8102. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER E-MAIL

File specs: MP3 files only. The audio filename should be the title of your entry for identification purposes. The Subject field of the email should have the words "RAP AWARDS ENTRY" followed by the entry Title. A confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours of receiving your entry and form. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us at awards@rapmag.com or 972-432-8100, as it is possible your entry did not come through.


Trophies will be awarded to the winners in the Commercial and Promo categories for all three market ranking categories. Only one trophy will be awarded for the Feature Production category and one for the Best Imaging category (market ranking does not apply to these categories). First and second runners-up in all categories will receive a plaque. Certificates will accompany all trophies and plaques. Finalists that don’t finish as winners or runners-up will receive a certificate. Trophies, plaques, and certificates will be awarded to the radio station or production facility/agency if the winning entry is paid for by the radio station or production house/agency. Otherwise, awards will be presented to the individual submitting the entry and paying the entry fee personally. Winners will be contacted by e-mail for confirmation of names, titles, credits, etc. to be engraved and printed on the trophies, plaques, and certificates. Additional trophies, plaques, and certificates will be available after the winners are announced.


The entry fee for RAP Gold Members with a Gold membership current as of the date of entry is $35.00 per entry. For Bronze and Silver Members and non-RAP Members, the entry fee is $55.00 per entry. You will need your RAP Gold Member account number or the name on the account for verification for the $35 rate. Contact awards@rapmag.com with questions. More info on membership levels can be found here. Entry fees are due at time of submission of entry. You may enter as many entries into as many categories as you wish. Entry fees are non-refundable except in the case of cancellation of the awards competition or any category. Entry fees are payable via credit card only. If you absolutely must pay by check, email awards@rapmag.com for instructions.


Judging will be based on three factors: Technical production technique, creativity/copy writing, and voice talent. A panel of judges selected by Radio And Production will perform the preliminary judging and narrow the entries down to the finalists. The finalists will be presented online on March 1, 2018. Radio And Production Gold and Silver Members will then vote for the winners. In the event of tied scores, the scores from the preliminary judging will be used to break the tie. The winners will be announced on April 2, 2018. Radio And Production will have the final say on any judging matter not outlined herein.  


Checking the “Release” box at the bottom of the entry form releases your entry to Radio And Production for public presentation. Checking this box also proclaims the entry to be original work done by you and the others listed on the form, and that the entry meets the eligibility requirements set forth in these rules and regulations. “Original work” means that the copy was written by the person or persons listed, and that the production of the entry was done by the person or persons listed. Obviously, this does not apply to music beds and individual sound design elements, such as imaging FX and sound effects; more specifically, this applies to things such as promo and commercial "shells" typically produced by imaging or commercial production services. Adding VO to such shells is not considered "original work" by anyone other than the VO artist and those who produced these shells. Radio And Production will have the final say on any eligibility matter not outlined herein.