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No Quacking

From Todd, Mitch [Mitch.Todd[at]siriusxm.com], Sirius XM Satellite Radio, New York, NY

I got suspended for a week, with a 3 day suspended sentence for quacking and making other “barnyard” sounds on a 200,000 watt FM in 1980!

It was a cold November day in Roanoke Virginia. I was the #1 DJ (morning drive) on the #1 station in town at the time (when music playin’ AMs were still #1)! A big snowstorm hit one afternoon. I was told the overnight jock couldn’t make it in and that I had to come in, do overnights, then do my morning show. How could they do this to me, their star?! I was not happy. So at 3am that night, very bored, I walked over to the Abrams automated FM and quacked, snorted and mooed in rhythm to “Sympathy for the Devil.” What the hell was the PD doing up at 3 in the friggin’ morning! He didn’t even call ME, but I got “called on the carpet” that next morning by MY PD and the GM.

The (now framed) “Quacking memo” for my “file” was the best part, particularly the section that reads “Numerous childish actions in the past have caused great concern for staff and management…” (I guess quacking kills)! I was offered “immediate termination or a week off without pay.” Whoo Hoo! A week off — I needed it. Until I got called Tuesday and asked to come in because “the fill in guy was sick.” :-/

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