Q It Up: Tell Us a Story! - The Bill Young Critique

The Bill Young Critique

From Frank Scales [fscales[at]kloveair1.com], K-Love & Air 1 Radio Networks, Rocklin, California:

Thinking back on my years in radio production, the one story that has to be one of the ‘most memorable’ and career changing would be the first critique session I had with the infamous Bill Young. Leading up to my being hired at BYP I had spent some years as a jock, PD and several years as off-air Production Director with some nice accolades under my belt. When I got the offer to move to Houston, in my mind, I was going to the major league - and in fact I did. However, on that fateful day I questioned every moment I had spent in the industry by what I heard. It was a couple weeks into my new employment with Bill. I had been assigned to work on a tour spot. I worked hours on trying to get my read to sound like the Bill Young Sound. I submitted the demo to Bill, and then was shocked by the response. “Bring it back when we all can be proud of it”! What? Not the usual “great job Frank,” “you’re so creative,” “what would we ever do without you, blah blah blah”??? I learned immediately (well, almost immediately after the stun-gun effect wore off) that I hadn’t actually arrived yet. But at least I was on the right road.

The lessons from that day, wisdom, VO and production chops I developed, and ability to handle more production in a day/week than I thought humbly possible while at BYP for nearly a decade are invaluable to me, especially in my present role as Director of Creative Services for K-LOVE and Air 1.

Lesson learned Bill! No pain - no gain!

And, oh yes, I did bring it back when we could all be proud of it!

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