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The Pig Farmer

From Craig Jackman [Craig.Jackman[at]ottawaradio.rogers.com], Rogers Media, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Let’s see, I could tell the story about smoking a joint with the company CEO at the Christmas party, or getting reprimanded for making the CLIO shortlist one year, but I think I’ll tell the story I tell to graduating Broadcasting students. It was my graduation year, and as the radio program at the time wasn’t as good as it is now, I spent almost all my last year working on the television side. When it came time for our year end awards, I really, REALLY wanted to win for best TV audio. The room was packed with fellow students, but also with all the broadcasting executives in the city. There were only 2 nominees for the award and the winner is... not me. Crap. The PD at the station that just hired me the week before cast me a dirty look. The Ops Manager at the station I was still working at left to get another beer without a second glance my way. I, however, did get the last laugh as I’ve gone on to a 25-year radio career, and the college winner went on to become a pig farmer in Georgia.

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