The R.A.P. CD - November 2014



Welcome to the November 2014 R.A.P. CD! Up first is this month’s Editor’s Choice Award winner, a well-done spot for a car stereo shop from Matthew Redmond at Southern Cross Austereo. The audio is also posted in the RAP Forum’s ECA page, where you can add your comments if you wish. Track 2 contains two VO demos from our interview subject, Piers Gibbon. Commercials are on tracks 3 – 15. Promos are on tracks 16 – 22, starting with promos Dave Foxx mentions in his Production 212 column. Track 23 is something different, and Alan Peterson offers these notes: Remember the "Singing EBS Test" from the 1970s, made famous by WHEN Syracuse and then made illegal by the FCC? Check out the "Singing Disclaimers" recorded (but never actually used) at Radio America. The voice is liner guy Paul Dickson, the music chords were created by the free SuperWave VST synthesizer ( and the vocoding plug-in was the MDA Talkbox ( inside a "lite" edition of Samplitude. All the boring dry legal stuff is in there (no sampling, no rebroadcast etc.). Except now it’s not so boring anymore.

We wrap it up on track 24 with a station scope from Gary McClenaghan at Bell Media who suggests that we feature scopes from time to time, which is an excellent idea! So if you happen to do these at your station and have one to offer, please send! In the meantime, scan your audio for a piece of production you’ve done recently that you feel good about and submit it for next month’s CD. Deadline is Friday, November 14th. Send to Thanks! jv…

  1. ECA Winner: Albany Car Stereo & Alarms, Matthew Redmond, Southern Cross Austereo, Bunbury, WA, Australia, matthew.redmond[at]
  2. Piers Gibbon Narrative + Corporate Voice Showreel, Piers Gibbon, London, England,
  3. On The Rocks, Cameron Wendt, Bell Media, Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada, Cameron.wendt[at]
  4. Macklin Haig Plumbing – Visitors, Andrew Frame, BAF Soundworks, Andrew[at]
  5. Adult Source – Symphony of Pleasure, Ben Thorgeirson, Newcap Radio, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, bent[at]
  6. Busselton Repertory Club – The Show Must Go On, Tim Hammond, Southern Cross Austereo, Bunbury, WA, Australia, tim.hammond[at]
  7. Discount Auto – I’m a Man, Rick Harrington, Mix 97/Rock107/CJBQ, Belleville, ON, Canada, production[at]
  8. Antex – Scourge, Russ More, Island Radio/Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, rmore[at]
  9. Mosquito D-Fence – Military, Ryan Spooner & Stephen Ball, Rock 105.3, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, ryan.spooner[at]
  10. Max’s Bagel, Jay Ginsberg, KZST, Santa Rosa, California, jay[at]
  11. Dance of the Sneezes, Kurt Kaniewski,, kurt[at]
  12. Gallery 21 – Dali, Luke McPeake, UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom, luke.mcpeake[at]
  13. Blue Flame Ventures – Adam N Phil, Matt Fogarty, Island Radio/Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, mfogarty[at]
  14. Cronkite, Chris Diestler, Hutton Broadcasting, Santa Fe, New Mexico, chrisd[at]
  15. Chilli Pepper Hip Hopadum, Tom Ellis, UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom, tom.ellis[at]
  16. Production 212 Audio, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, davefoxx[at]
  17. The Bible – Is It Reliable?, David M. Booth, Hope for the Heart, Dallas, Texas, dboothe[at]
  18. Halloween Howler, Gary McClenaghan, Bell Media, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, gary.mcclenaghan[at]
  19. Promo Liner 1, Francois Paquin, CHOI Radio, Quebec City, Canada, fpaquin[at]
  20. Spirit – Win a Wedding, Colin McGinness, UKRD, Bristol, United Kingdom, colin.mcginness[at]
  21. KISS Music Promo – Taylor Usher Timberlake, Jamie Montgomery, 105.3 KISS FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Jamie.montgomery[at]
  22. Everything Under the Tree, Ryan Spooner/Stephen Ball, Rock 105.3, Medicine Hat, AB, Canada, ryan.spooner[at]
  23. The Singing Disclaimers, Alan Peterson, Radio America, Washington, DC, apeterson[at]
  24.  The Bear – Full Station Montage 2014, Gary McClenaghan, Bell Media, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, gary.mcclenaghan[at]


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