The R.A.P. Cassette - October 1997

We begin Side A with a demo from this month’s interviewee, Randy Horvath of Vanilla Gorilla Productions! We fill out the rest of the side with another great collection of creative promo and sweeper work. We have award winners on this month’s Cassette. Cut 7 from CHUM-FM won both the Gold and Grand Award for Best Station Promo/Large Markets in the ’95 New York Festival awards competition, and this was 4-track production!

Side B opens with this month’s Producer’s VU audio. We veer away from the normal commercial exhibit on this side and offer several feature length productions up front. Cut 2 is a well done tribute to Princess Diana from Scott Mackay, the Imaging Producer for WXCD in Chicago. Cut 3 comes from Don Elliot/KFI, Los Angeles with this note: ‘Bad Attitude’ instrumental by Gary Kleinman features 13 different V/O talents in LA--people with ‘bad attitudes’--Bruce Vidal as Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Martin as Darth Vader, Don Elliot as Clint Eastwood, and more! (All done to click-track, one at a time...Robert W. Morgan, disclaimer.) Smokers should get a kick out of cut 4, a bit for the Martin-Malloy morning show from Fox FM in Melbourne, Australia. And we can’t let you go without a few commercials. Greg Williams gets the family involved on Cut 5. The ’60s come alive on Cut 6. Every club owner should allow creative freedom like you’ll hear on cut 7. And Cut 8 is another award winner. Taco Tico took 1st Place/:30 Commercial/Medium Market Radio in the 1997 Kansas Association of Broadcasters awards competition. Nice work everyone!

We’ve made some changes in the way we credit people for material on The Cassette. We are limiting credits to either the producer or the person who submitted the tape. The reason is two-fold. Recently, we have made some mistakes with the credits. This was inevitable, especially with the increase in material produced with input from as many as a dozen people. The other concern was that you might be feeling obligated to list credits for each piece you submit. This process alone can take much more time than just making the dub to send in! After taking a small poll, it was concluded that many of you might be more apt to submit a tape if you didn’t feel that you had to prepare a detailed note providing proper credits for every person involved in each spot/promo on your tape. Therefore, beginning with this month’s Cassette, we are only going to provide the name of the producer or person submitting the tape, and their phone number. If you wish to know who was involved in the production--the voice talent, writer, etc.--then you are encouraged to call the named individual and ask away. Hopefully, this will encourage more of you to submit tapes, and we can worry less about publishing incorrect information! Please give us your input on this change if you feel this is a step back. Otherwise, we hope this streamlines the process of providing this unique monthly feature.

One final note. We have received several tapes that have not conformed to the guidelines set forth at the bottom of this page. Particularly, we have received “demos” or “montages” of promos and commercials rather than “separated” pieces. As a rule, the only “promo/commercial montages” we put on The Cassette are the demos submitted by our interview subjects. Also, we have received “sweeper/ID montages” that are way over the sixty second limit, and we’ve had to abruptly fade them at inappropriate places. We hate to see your efforts go to waste, and we want to be fair with everyone. Thanks for your help!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Randy Horvath/Vanilla Gorilla Productions, College Station, Texas - (409) 694-7011
Cut 2 - “Edge Adventures ’97" - Rob Johnston/CFNY-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - (416) 408-3343
Cut 3 - “Nam 104” - Steve Taylor/WXRR-FM, Hattiesburg, Mississippi - (423) 525-6000
Cut 4 - “Birthday Bash II” - Dan Gustafson/KFRR-FM, Fresno, California - (209) 255-1041
Cut 5 - “The Odds Song” - D. Bolton/CJSD-FM, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada - (807) 346-2580
Cut 6 - “The Accountant” - Ken Stone/WFMS-FM, Memphis, Tennessee - (317) 842-9550
Cut 7 - “Wheel of Fun” - Jeff Kirkwood/CHUM-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - (416) 926-4020
Cut 8 - “Thousand Dollar Minute” - Brian Hamilton/SA-FM, Adelaide, Australia - (61) 8-8301-1071
Cut 9 - “Planet Birthday Bash” - Craig Debolt/Planet 93.3, Greenville, South Carolina - (803) 242-4660
Cut 10 - “KLT Shutterbug” - Doug Grant/WKLT-FM, Traverse City, Michigan - (616) 947-0003
Cut 11 - “Dateline” - Bil Dunlap/WRKZ-FM, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - (717) 883-9800
Cut 12 - Sweeper montage - Grant Buckerfield/GWR-FM, Bristol, United Kingdom
Cut 13 - Sweeper montage - Dave Savage/WQIK-FM, Jacksonville, Florida - (904) 388-7711
Cut 14 - Aerosmith Party” - Ed Brown/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, Missouri - (314) 621-0095

Side B

Cut 1 - Producer’s VU audio - “Retro Weekend” - Rob Radencic/KRBE-FM, Houston, Texas - (713) 266-1000
Cut 2 - “Princess Diana Tribute” - Scott Mackay/WXCD-FM, Chicago, Illinois - (312) 984-5358
Cut 3 - “Bad Attitude” - Don Elliot/KFI/KOST, Los Angeles, California - (213) 427-7236
Cut 4 - “The Last Ciggy/Martin-Malloy Show” - Vicki Marr/Fox FM, Melbourne, Australia - (61) 3-9205-1111
Cut 5 - “Howard Ford” - Greg Williams/Turtle Dove Productions, Memphis, Tennessee - (901) 726-0459
Cut 6 - “Mount Hippy Mercantile” - Craig Debolt/WESC-FM, Greenville, South Carolina - (803) 242-4660
Cut 7 - “Zoo Bar” - Jim McCourtie/CFNY-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - (416) 408-3343
Cut 8 - “Taco Tico” - Dennis McAtee/KKOW-AM, Pittsburg, Kansas - (316) 231-7200

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