The R.A.P. CD - September 2005

RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the September 2005 RAP CD, brought to you in part by Leon Flood and Flash Flood Productions, and by the new imaging library, Category Five from Category Five Sound. Check out Leon Flood's Rock demo on track 1, and check out the Category Five demo on track two. Contact information is listed below.

Next up is a demo from interview subject Mitch Todd and his imaging crew at Sirius Satellite Radio. Track 4 is audio for this month's Production 212 column from Dave Foxx. Commercials fill out tracks 5 through 11. Promos take up tracks 12 through 26. We get some sweeper montages on tracks 27 through 30. Track 29 is an interesting piece of work from Ian Fish. Ian takes an a cappella sing from their jingle package (heard first on the track) and knocks out a few variations using the same original vocal. And we wrap things up with a chuckle from CJ Goodearl on track 31. Thanks to all for your submissions! Great work everyone!

1. [ADV] Leon Flood Rock Demo, Flash Flood Productions, Tampa, Florida,, 866-693-5663.
2. [ADV] Category Five Demo, Brian Price/Category Five Sound, McMurray, Pennsylvania,, 412-818-1389, bp[at]
3. Mitch Todd/Sirius demo, Sirius Satellite Radio, New York, NY, mtodd[at]
4. Production 212 Audio, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, davefoxx[at]
5. MC Plus/Gameshow, George Welling, Learfield Communications, Jefferson City, Missouri, gwelling[at]
6. Porche 2 x :30, Gerhard Peters, CJZZ-FM, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, gpeters[at]
7. Golf Sucks, Steve Stone, Zimmer Radio, Joplin, Missouri, sstone[at]
8. Victoria Theatre/Underpants, Brian Stevens, Brian Stevens Media, Springboro, Ohio, studio[at]
9. Pacific Cellular, Tami Reade, The Beat 94.5, Vancouver, BC, Canada, tami[at]
10. Moody Magazine/The Session, Lee Rugan, Moody Broadcasting, Chicago, Illinois, lrugen[at]
11. Coral Beach Travel, Andrew Frame, Renda Broadcasting of Southwest Florida, AFrame[at]
12. We Counted, Garry "D", KNIX/KESZ, Phoenix, Arizona, GarryD[at]
13. Les Miserables, David Magro, Standard Radio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, dmagro[at]
14. The Fugitive, James Stodd, The One Network, London, United Kingdom, James.Stodd[at]
15. Dan Patrick Show/Bleep-Bleep, Kurt Kaniewski, WDEF-AM, Chattanooga, Tennessee, kurtkoncepts[at]
16. Dock Rock 2 Long Weekend, Markus Shafer, Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, Sk., Canada, Stoonprod3[at]
17. Workforce/People Skiils, Mike Vuckovich, Kool-FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, mvuckovich[at]
18. KISS Splitter #3, Chris Pottage, Rogers Radio, Toronto, Ont., Canada, cpottage[at]
19. HemoGoblin Blood Drive, AJ McKay, WABB-AM/FM, Mobile, Alabama, wabbproduction[at]
20. Murphy in the Morning, Jon Carter,, jon[at]
21. Retirement Contest, Doug Newman, Oldies 1090, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, dnewman[at]
22. Live Lunch, Ian Fish, 100.7 Heart FM, The Midlands, United Kingdom,[at]
23. Keith Urban Winning Thursday, Chris Potter, ABC Radio Networks/Country Coast to Coast, Chris.M.Potter[at]
24. Kool Workforce, Jes Brown, Kool-FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
25. Wake Up Show, Dave Golterman, Double Q Country, Alliance, Nebraska, kcowstudio[at]
26. The Boss's Boat, Seann Shaffer, CFMY/CHAT, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, production[at]
27. Pure Rock Block Sweeper Montage, Brian Whitaker, KAZR-FM, Des Moines, Iowa, brian1025[at]
28. Together Sweepers, Johnny George, Susquehanna, Indianapolis, Indiana, jgeorge[at]
29. Breakfast Show Jingle Montage, Ian Fish, 100.7 Heart FM, The Midlands, UK,[at]
30. WKNC Sweeper Montage, Jon Carter, Megahertz Studios, Greensboro, North Carolina, jc[at]
31. The Thomas Jeffersons, CJ Goodearl, Clear Channel, Orlando, Florida, cjgoodearl[at]

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