By Steve Cunningham

Not so long ago -- in the October 2010 issue of RAP to be precise -- we looked into a unique program, Word2WAV, which is designed for voice actors who work in the IVR business, or read scripts for e-learning videos, or any other task where lots of lines have to be read from a script, recorded, and the resulting audio files provided specific file names.

I received an email during the first week of 2012 inviting me (and several thousand of my very best friends, I’m sure) to investigate another software program designed for the same application. Naturally I scooted off to the website of Wells Park Communications, where I found a link to the company’s PromptBuddy product ( Wells Park bills PromptBuddy as an “Audio Production Widget” which promises to allow prompts to be recorded, automatically topped and tailed, and saved as .WAV files. These are automatically named whereby the name consists of the first 64 characters of the prompt line. It was certainly interesting enough to deserve a look.