Tascam-DR05Tascam has launched the DR-05, a new portable recorder with high-resolution audio quality that’s simple to use. The stereo recorder features a pair of condenser microphones with sensitivity up to 125dB SPL and low noise, designed to capture every detail and dynamic of a performance. The design of the DR-05 is optimized for sound quality, from the dedicated power supply for the codec to bring out the full spec of the A/D and D/A converter to the separate analog & digital circuit boards and low impedance circuit design with noise resistance in its compact case. The DR-05 records to microSD or microSDHC media, recording in MP3 or WAV (BWF) file format at up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution. The Peak reduction function sets the optimum recording level even in recording to avoid the over level. Quick Menu selects commonly used parameters in playback or record like auto level setting or limiting, while deeper settings are available through a full-featured setup menu. The 1/8” mic/line input can supply power for microphones. A Level Align function prevents uneven volume levels during playback through the 1/8” headphone output or built-in speaker. Variable-Speed Audition – which changes playback speed without affecting pitch – and looping are also available during playback for transcription or learning new music. 17.5 hours of longer battery life at 44.1kHz/16-bit, WAV (BWF). Other features include: Stereo MP3 recording from 32-320 kbps bit rate; Self timer recording starts recording 5 or 10 sec. after pressing the record button; Variable speed playback (50%-150%) without changing the pitch; Playback EQ setting; Editing function (Divide and Delete); Up to 99 mark points on each file; Chromatic tuner; USB 2.0 port for transfer to PC and external power; Jump back function returns to previous point with one action (1-10, 20, 30 sec.); Dimensions: 2 3/8” W x 5 9/16” H x 1” D; Weight: 4 /16 oz. MAP - $99.

Hindenburg Journalist Pro is a new Digital Audio Workstation designed specifically for professional radio reporters/producers. Features include a loudness meter that is compliant with the ITU-approved measurement algorithm; a loudness-based Auto-level System, which automatically ensures a consistent and balanced final mix. HJP analyses audio as it is imported, detects whether it is music or speech and adjusts levels relative to each other for a professional mix. Personal Voice Profiler analyses a sample of the producer’s voice and creates a unique voice profile for each producer. With a single click, EQ and compression are dynamically applied to subsequent voice recordings. 1-click Publish allows you to set up multiple upload destinations for quick data transfer to broadcaster ftp-servers. With one click, upload to all chosen destinations in specified audio and metadata formats. Includes presets and compliant formats for PRX and PRSS, with more to come. 1-click Podcast allows instant publishing of standard and enhanced AAC podcasts. New Media Editor allows the addition of images, chapters, links and detailed information for enhanced podcasting. Hindenburg is currently developing a web player that will support this functionality for web and mobile broadcasting. For more information visit

Voxengo Soniformer version 3.2 update is now available for download. Soniformer is a spectral mastering dynamics processor plug-in for professional music production applications, available in AudioUnit and VST plugin formats, for Mac OS X (v.10.4.11 and later) and Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) computers. The update includes the following changes: Oversampling filter type “Min-phase/Lin-phase” switch added. Global “Auto Oversampling Level” 1X (off) option added. Graphics drawing performance improved. Level meter’s “density mode” look improved. Control point on underlay envelope deletion bug fixed. Control surface crosshair option added (can be switched off in the global options). Soniformer features a 32-band dynamics processor, envelope-driven parameters, a 32-band “analog” spectrum analyzer, stereo balance and correlation meters, multi-band panning, narrow-band sweeping and more.

Link-Comm-IPR5000 frontLink Communications unveiled the IPR5000, a rugged, water resistant mobile radio providing secure Push-To-Talk (PTT) communications over any IP network. It utilizes cellular 3G/4G, satellite, WiFi and wired IP networks for global coverage with seamless operation even between carriers. Provides real-time communications to a wide spectrum of people such as oil field workers, delivery drivers, law enforcement, tactical response teams, etc. The IPR5000 is a new radio system with familiar PTT operation. Includes a handheld microphone, internal and external speakers for clear audio, LCD display, a roof mounted antenna, and a bracket for mounting under the dash. Housed in a rugged case, it is sand, dust and water resistant to IP-65. The IPR5000 automatically selects the least cost IP network available. For example, it will utilize 3G/4G when possible and revert to satellite when necessary (least-cost routing), providing secure PTT coverage while minimizing your data costs. When wide-area coverage is not needed, WiFi and wired connections enable communications with lower recurring costs. Talk groups can include members located anywhere on the globe using any internet service provider; there are no geographic limitations. Leveraging the public IP infrastructure, the IP radio saves you money by eliminating the need to build and maintain radio sites. It also completely avoids the hassle of dealing with radio frequency licenses and it’s the perfect solution to the FCC’s narrow banding mandate. In addition to providing PTT communications, the IPR5000 provides GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). You can access AVL data through an interactive mapping web site or even from a iPhone, Blackberry or Android smartphone. The LinkTDS dispatch software integrates mapping with the ability to select and PTT any IPRadio. The IPRadio display indicates the distance and direction to whoever you hear talking. Cellular 3G/4G models are available for various carriers and protocols (CDMA, GSM, LTE, etc.) and require a cellular data plan for operation. Satellite communications require a BGAN or similar satellite IP terminal and data plan.

telos-vx-and-vx-producer► The Telos’ VX multi-studio broadcast VoIP system is the world’s first VoIP phone system engineered for the demands of broadcasting. IP-Audio technology now makes it possible to move and share lines between studios at the touch of a button. The VX system’s standards-based VoIP connection to the Telco gives you a choice of using traditional POTS or ISDN lines via gateways for VoIP services via modern “SIP trunking,” which can deliver substantial savings to stations that need a large number of lines. In Livewire equipped facilities, the existing network can be used for the VX and its system components and the multiple audio channels can be accessed by any Livewire device. Of course, it works in non-Livewire studios too, via VX audio interfaces. And, in the same way that Livewire delivers full-fidelity studio audio, IP/Ethernet provides a secure, high-quality interconnect for VX system components. The Telos VX system includes:        VX Audio Processing Engine, VSet12 IP-based call controller, VX Producer Screening software, and VX interfaces for analog audio, AES/EBU and GPIO connections. The VX Engine is the heart of the system. It houses hybrids, manages call control, and processes audio. Because VX is an IP-based system, I/O is limited only by network bandwidth and throughput. The result: an unprecedented capacity of up to 50 available incoming lines. VX is equipped with a rich toolbox to make caller audio sound its best, no matter what kind of line or phone the caller uses. Caller audio benefits from Smart AGC, Telos’ Digital Dynamic EQ, and a three-band adaptive spectral processor. Meanwhile, send audio gets its own sweetening with a frequency shifter, AGC/limiter and FhG’s Advanced Echo Cancellation. Remote control and configuration is a snap. VX is web-based, so engineers can work with it from any place they can get online. Its familiar phone-set design makes it easy to work with. Its big LCD color display keeps talent informed. When matched with VX Producer software, the display delivers detailed information for up to 12 lines, including line status, caller information, caller ID, time ringing-in or on-hold, and even screener comments. A built-in address book and call history log round out the VSet12’s features. As with the rest of the VX system, each VSet12 has its own web server for easy remote configuration and software updates. VX Producer is a PC software application that streamlines call screening, recording, and editing with an intuitive user-friendly interface. VX Producer gives talk show producers plenty of information, including caller status, screener’s comments, caller ID, and time per call for up to 12 lines. There’s also a Chat function that lets producers and talent communicate quickly off-air using VX Producer. But VX Producer is much more than just a call screening application. Plug a headset mic into your PC, and you can make and take phone calls directly from VX Producer - no phone set needed. Each VX system ships standard with VX Producer. ►


► New releases from Firstcom include: CHAP338 New York, New York - archive recordings with a New York theme. CHAP362 Filmic Scene Setters - Cinematic shorts. CHAP364 Cold War Stories - spy themes, espionage and music from the Eastern Block. NUGGETS03 Herbaliser - breaks, sampledelia, hip hop and funk from the legendary Herbaliser. EVO154 Epic Album Rock - Big anthemic analog studio throwbacks, when concept albums were events. EVO155 Electropop - flashy pop dance chart topping electro fashion synth club anthems. EVO157 Big Swampy - Bayou blasting southern fried blues rock featuring Duck McDonald. GAL094 Movers & Shakers - 22 get up & go tracks to cure your laziness! GAL095 Pocket Melodies - the creative-simple-naive-poetic-oddball-quirky-childish-abstract-magic-minimalism-dreamy-cinematic album! GM141 The Big Win -  big bold orchestral and inspirational for sports, politics, reality game shows and war. Audition these and the rest of the new releases at

Pro Sound Effects, provider of sound effects libraries and licensing services, has released Soundrangers Sound Effects Hard Drive, created by the Soundrangers game interactive audio studio. The library contains 21,117 sound effects delivered on a portable Glyph hard drive that features search software and includes 1 year of free sound effects updates. The Soundrangers library has been used for many years by such companies as Google, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Cartoon Network, Adobe, HBO. The hard drive is organized into intuitive hierarchical categories such as gameplay and user interface elements, foley, nature, animals, vehicles, weapons, looping ambiences, whooshes cinematic transitions and more. One shots are provided with multiple variations and precisely edited for easy plug and play and ambiences are pre-edited to loop. Features include: 21,117 sound effects (137 GB) on external hard drive; Compressed formats: mp3 and Ogg Vorbis; Embedded Metadata, Intuitive Category and File names; Sound Effects Search Software (NetMix Lite): Search, Audition, Drag & Drop; 1 Year of Free Sound Effects Updates (digitally delivered 4 times per year); Introductory Price: $2900 USD, single user license (retail $3900 USD). ►


► Six more Journal Broadcast stations go paperless with vCreative’s PPO. The six Wichita, KS stations join the 5 Journal Broadcast Group stations in Omaha, NE on vCreative’s Paperless Production Order (PPO) system. Wichita Production Director Scott Piper says: “Everything we’ve seen so far indicates that this will do more to increase our efficiency in the Traffic, Continuity and Production workflow than anything that has come before. Plus, the vCreative team has made the upcoming transition as close to seamless as possible.” Scott’s staff will be using PPO to track the workflow of production orders not just for AM/FM spots but also for ad space on their stations websites. ▲