The R.A.P. CD - June 2003

RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the June 2003 RAP CD. This months RAP CD is brought to you in part by Megahertz Studios! Check out the demos on tracks 1 and 2 and give Jon and Buffy a call for more information on their services at 336-379-8255 or email jon[at] Track 3 is a fine collection of recent work from this months interview subject, Chris O'Brien at WMWX in Philadelphia. Track 4 is audio for this months Production 212 column on beat-mixing from Dave Foxx. (The track includes three segments). We fill out the rest of this months CD with some fantastic commercial and promo creativity. Commercials are on tracks 5 through 13; promos on tracks 14 through 28.

1. [ADV] Jon Carter Imaging Voice-over Demo Megahertz Studios, 336-379-8255, jon[at]
2. [ADV] Buffy O'Neil Imaging Voice-over Demo Megahertz Studios, 336-379-8255, jon[at]
3. Chris O'Brien Demo WMWX-FM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, MixxxMasterC[at]
4. Production 212 Audio Dave Foxx, Z100, New York, NY, davefoxx[at]
5. Cartridge World, Sean Bell, NYPD, United Kingdom, seanbell[at]
6. Temptation Fashion, Andrew Frame, Renda Broadcasting of Southwest Florida, AFrame[at]
7. Naples Flowers/Mothers Day, Nic Natarella, WGSL, Naples, Florida, bbanknaples[at]
8. Wrede & Sons Excavating, Gary Michaels, WASK/WKOA, Lafayette, Indiana, michaels[at]
9. Computer Geeks, Ric Gonzalez, Infinity Broadcasting, Austin, Texas, rgonzalez[at]
10. Powerline Electronics/Big Shot, Steve Thompson, 105.3 Kool FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, sthompson[at]
11. Litehouse, Richard Murphy, KDJM, Denver, Colorado, richardm[at]
12. Pizza Hut, Markus Shafer, Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, Sk., Canada, Stoonprod3[at]
13. Shottenkirk Superstore, Dave Shropshire , ShropSounds Audio, Davenport, Iowa, shrop503[at]
14. 971-Sternamuck, Rich Boerner, KLSX, Los Angeles, California, rboerner[at]
15. Season Finale, Brett Mason, WDJR-FM, Dothan, Alabama, brett[at]
16. Monster Truck, Inc., Chris Rice, KRXQ/KSEG, Sacramento, California, chrisrice[at]
17. Brooks & Dunn, Garry "D", KNIX/KESZ, Phoenix, Arizona, GarryD[at]
18. Saddamma Yo Mamma Weekend, DJ Necio, KBFB-FM, Dallas, Texas, djnecio[at]
19. Supertones Tour Bus Mishap, Doug Schaub, WFIL/WZZD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, production[at]
20. Porky the Traffic Master, Chris Wrapson, Beacon FM, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, chris.wrapson[at]
21. Superfriends of Linkin Park, Kenny Hobbs, KDGE, Dallas, Texas, kennyhobbs[at]
22. Party in the Park, James Stodd, Capital FM, United Kingdom, James.Stodd[at]
23. Throwback Thursday/Kaplan, Johnny George, Susquehanna, Indianapolis, Indiana, jgeorge[at]
24. KIXX Lotto Line, Mark Fraser, Metro Radio Group, Halifax, NS, Canada, fixitinthemix[at]
25. The Rave/Disturbed, Arnie, NextMedia Kenosha, Wisconsin, radioarnie[at]
26. Bud Radio-Zone 94, Mark Shafer, Rawlco Radio, Saskatoon, Sk., Canada, stoonprod1[at]
27. Rock & Roll Fantasy, Ross McIntyre, 100.3 The Q, Victoria, BC, Canada, ross[at]
28. MOJO Prostate PSA/Save the Males, Rob Johnston, Corus Radio, Toronto, Canada, rob[at]

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