The R.A.P. CD - May 2003

RAP-CD-logo-22003 RAP Awards Best of the Rest - Part 2!

Welcome to the May 2003 RAP CD. This months RAP CD is brought to you in part by Earwhacked Radio Imaging. Check out the Earwhacked demo on track 1 and give CJ a call for more information on their services at 661-393-1900 or email prodhopper[at] Track 2 is a demo from this months interview subject, Ed Gursky at VOA Music Mix. The first section of the demo is an air check of VOA Music Mix followed by a montage of imaging for VOA Music Mix. Tracks 3 through 21 are Part 2 of this years RAP Awards "Best of the Rest." Many of these promos missed the finals by a fraction of a point, and all of them deserve recognition for keeping this competition very tough. Tracks 3-6 are from the Small Market Promo category. Tracks 7-13 are from the Medium Market Promo category, and tracks 14-21 are from the Large Market Promo category. Nice work everyone and well see you in next years competition! We wrap up this months CD with some fun. The parody comes from students of the Broadcasting program of Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. You have their permission to use the parody on air if you like. All they ask is that you let them know it was used. Drop a line to Tim Goebel at tgoebel[at] We return to our regular RAP CD format with the June issue.

1. [ADV] Earwhacked Radio Imaging Demo CJ Wilson, Bakersfield, CA, prodhopper[at]
2. VOA Music Mix Demo Ed Gursky, VOA Music Mix, Washington, D.C., egursky[at]
3. Zimmer Recruitment/Its Funny, Isnt It? Timothy Miles, WXLT-FM, Carterville, Illinois, liltimmy[at]
4. Molson Canadian/Road Trip Steve Schippanoski, CJZN-FM, Victoria, B.C., Canada, 250-475-0100
5. The Jet/Elton John Andrew Murdoch, SILK FM, Kelowna, B.C., Canada, Andrew[at]
6. KMBQ.COM/Radio Is Dean Q. Mitchell, Wasilla, Alaska, dean[at]
7. The 10 Year Hypnotic Experience Rob Vavrek, CFBR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, rvavrek[at]
8. Wall of Sound Chris Crickmay, GWR-FM, Bristol, United Kingdom, chris.crickmay[at]
9. 2TenFM 1000 Pound Minute - GWR Group, Bristol, United Kingdom, linc.Kelly[at]
10. Leicester Music Product Promo Andrew Fewster, Leicester Sound 105.4 FM, Leicester, Leicestershire, England, andyf[at]
11. Dirk Shredder: Ski Patrollll-er Chris Rice, KRXQ, Sacramento, California, crice[at]
12. Bowling With Bowling For Soup Randy Cox, KXXM, San Antonio, Texas, randycox[at]
13. Dan and Laura Craig Jackman, CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, cjackman[at]
14. Hooray News Michael Daly, KOGO, San Diego, California, flounder[at]
15. The Christmas Tree/Here Comes the Night Sinead Buckley, 100-102 Today FM, Dublin, Ireland, sbuckley[at]
16. Osbournes Cue to Call Kenny Hobbs, KEGL, Dallas, Texas, kennydoug[at]
17. Jason Digs Extreme Rock Michael Daly, KIOZ, San Diego, California, flounder[at]
18. Vox Pop Cathal McLysaght, 100-102 Today FM, Dublin, Ireland, cathal[at]
19. Night-Time Zoo Randy Cox, KHTS, San Diego, California, randycox[at]
20. The Snapper Lee Rugen, WMBI/Moody Broadcasting, Chicago, Illinois, lee.rugen[at]
21. Jammin Dateline/Show Tune Richard Murphy, KDJM, Denver, Colorado, richardm[at]
22. Gotta Go Pee - Tim Goebel, Conestoga College, tgoebel[at]

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