bravose ro large4


The BravoSE is a compact unit with a footprint roughly equal to a typical laser printer, though not quite as tall. All the moving parts of this beast sit under a tinted front cover that tilts back to give you access to the discs and printer.

On the right side of the duplicator is a disc tray that holds 20 discs. On the left is the SE’s single disc recorder and an inkjet printer. The recorder is a standard computer burner (I believe mine is a Pioneer DVR-111; it will do CDRs at 40x and DVDs at 16x), and the inkjet printer that sits just above it is optimized for printing onto the surface of the inkjet-capable CDRs and DVDs.

Above the printer, recorder, and disc trays is a very cool robotic arm. This arm consists of a grabber that moves horizontally and vertically to pick up and put down discs, and the inkjet printer head. The arm and head are connected via an electromagnet, so when necessary they can move together, and for printing, the head can disconnect from the arm and move independently. The process is fascinating to watch (at least the first few times);


The arm picks up discs and moves them through the duplication process, using an ingenious grabber that ducks into the center hole, expands with a snapping sound, and lifts a disc out of the feeder tray. It picks up a blank disc (it will do up to 20 of them per single job) from the right-hand feeder tray, moves it above the burner/printer stack, and sets it in the open burner drawer which then closes and begins the burn. When the burn is complete, it grabs the disc and raises it above the printer drawer, which then opens.